“The two words that come to me without thinking are efficient and honest.

I have worked with a few coaches, all smart and strong. That is no different with Emil, yet what impressed me the most about Emil is his experience. I have yet to run into a situation where he could not give an answer for a question or walk me through something I do not understand. Emil is always willing to take the time to explain what must be done so that way he and his client can be on the same page. Despite working in different time zones across the world, he has always made time to make me a priority. He will always check in and make you accountable for the work that must be done.

With previous coaches I have run into issues where they are either too strict or to nonchalant. They will either demand you to listen to them without question, or give the inexperienced lifter too much leeway or say in what they do not know. Emil strikes an incredible balance as he takes the time to listen to his clients, while knowing when to be stern. He gives them a chance to speak their mind, but will be honest when he is confident something else may work better. This leads to a more open, communicative relationship that leads to better results in the gym.

I’d also like something in there along the lines of: Emil is proud to have his clients and knows how to foster good energy, while making them feel like part of the powerful team at Strength Squad.”


Joungjun compete at USAPL Korea at 2022 and did amazing job. The results 2 place at junior, Squat 235kg / Bench 157,5kg / Deadlift 237,5kg Total 630kg

“Hi everyone I was coached by Emil for nearly a year. Let me write my honest review.

First of all, the most important thing in online coaching is communication, Emil has never been late to provide me with programs and daily feedback, No matter where he is or what he does.

You may think this part is natural, but many coaches often don’t keep these little things.

Emil is will provide you with the practical problems you need (Techniques, nutrition, mental health, and preparation for the competition)

What I felt was that this guy really loves this sport. Despite the time difference of 7 hours, he handled my competition live.

It must be reassuring to have this man behind you!”


Jovan was coached by Emil for 1 year. During this period, he did few meets. At the last meet Gala Kup finished with Squat 270kg (+50kg PR) / Bench 177,5kg (+35kg PR) / Deadlift 260kg (+10kg PR) Total 707,5kg. Jovan added 95kg on his total, crazy progress for short term.

“Great service
Feedback from coach after every training session.
Never trained with RPE system before.
I only worked 6 months with Krastev and managed to hit big PRs on all lifts even with a injury.”

Nikolay Galabov

Nikolay was coached by Asya for half year. During this period, he attended 2 big events – Junior/SJR Worlds in Romania and Junior/SJR European Championship in Hungary.

Only 16yo he stepped on a platform with more experienced lifters. He approached us almost 12 weeks out of competition. 12 weeks full of challenges and obstacles – back injury, being sick, shoulder pain. Even though he finished 11/20 competitors, having more in the tank. Finished with 560kg total

Niki had an outstanding performance during the European Championship. He won a bronze medal in the bench press – 145 kg. He also ranked 5th out of 14 people and was the youngest participant in the category.
The results: Squat 205kg, Bench 145 kg, Deadlift 260 kg, Total: 610kg (-74kg SubJ) (+50kg)
9 out of 9 successful attempts and 27/27 white lights.

“I like how the program have sleep column it’s something that i didn’t expected. Coaches care about every little detail like recovery from food, sleep they do differences on the program based on your needs.Overall i learned a lot about recovery, eating and subtleties about the lifts.”