Free Recourses

Here you’ll find free information and recources for powerlifting

Free Powerlifting Program

You can find and use our 9-week powerlifting program, made for beginners. The goal of the program is to improve the strength of the 3 lifts – squat, bench press, deadlift.
The program is separated in 2 phases. The first one targets the hypertrophy and the intensity is medium. In the second phase – the volume is lower, and the intensity is higher. In the end, you can peak for competition or test your maximal attempts.
The approach is generalized and not focused on individual’s needs.
You can choose between 2 methods of working load – Percents from previous max or RPE. We recommend the RPE to people with some experience, while the % for novice people.

YouTube Channel

In our YouTube channel you can find powerlifting videos and topics, as well as progress and results from our athletes.