Online Coaching Mentorship

We help you achieve your goals

What do we offer?

We provide personalized coaching service, led by the best worldwide practices.

Our methods are based on the latest practices and studies, as we never neglect the unique aspects of the individual.

We aim for top quality in order to provide premium conditions to our customers.

What does it includes?

Personalized Training Plan

We provide a plan according to your needs, goals, experience and abilities. We DO NOT provide plans for 8-10-12-n weeks ahead. We do updates week-by-week.

Macro-nutrient Plan

We provide macro-nutrient plan and nutrition consultation. We work on creating habits for tracking food and making good choices. When needed, we provide a sample menu.

Tracking Progress and More

We constantly monitor weight, measurements and body composition. We pay attention to the sleep, daily activity, levels of energy and motivation.

Monitoring and Correction of Technique

We aim to provide feedback on technique for each movement everyday.

Weekly Update

We rely on dynamic work and because of that we base our work on weekly actualization.

Continues Communication

We value our people and that’s why we aim to answer as quick as possible in the frame of hours.


Few of the most asked question. If yours is not here, feel free to contact us 🙂
Are persons under 18 yo accepted for coaching?

Yes, but confirmation for parents is recommended.

Do you provide powerlifting coaching only?

No, we aiming to help with any needs and goals – cutting, conditioning, behaviors change. It is not required to have goals for competitions.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Bank Transfers, PayPal and Revolut.

How much does it costs?

We negotiate the price on our first call.

What does the service includes?
  • Personal training plan
  • Personal macro-nutrient plan
  • Monitoring of technique – based on daily communication
  • Monitoring of performance metrics
  • Monitoring of sleep quality and habits
  • Daily communication
  • Weekly check-ins

Our Process

What are the initial steps when starting with us?
  1. Initial contact – everyone interested can contact us, using the most convenient method. We aim to answer as fast as possible.
  2. Questionnaire – as a reply of the initial contact, you will receive a questionnaire, which contains questions and details regarding your current status and goals.
  3. Call – after filling the questionnaire, we arrange a call in which we will discuss more details, explain our processes and conditions and plan for work.
  4. Agreement – in case of agreement to our terms, we collect more details about you, which will be used for the preparation of your plan.
  5. Explanation call – we arrange another call, in which we explain the materials we’ve sent. We give directions and set targets for what is expected from you.
  6. Beginning – start of working.