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We Are Strength Squad

What we offer: Online Coaching

We provide totally individual training and nutrient plan, according to your needs and goals

Strength Improvement

The strength is more than just ability used in training. It is a part of our daily life and we use it all the time – climbing stars, picking objects from the ground. If your goal is to improve your strength ability or to find out what your body is capable of – our passion is to develop people’s potential.

Reducing Weight

Getting rid off the unwanted weight is a challenge in which we can help you by making it easier, possible and sustainable. Get your fit-form, feel better and have more energy. Build habits which will serve you forever.

Competition Preparation

We help athletes in their preparation for Powerlifting competitions. If you are willing to compete but have no idea where to start from or you have a goal to improve your achievements – we are on your side.

What We Have Achieved

Together and because of you

Why Us?



Having the expertise validated on 3 continents


Trust the process and keep going


We love our work and we want to learn more

Who We Are

We are Emil and Asya. Both powerlifting competitors. On top of that, we are rehabilitator and telecommunication engineer. What brings us together? Do you want to find out?

Our Vision

The constant progress requires constant effort. We never stop improving! We are not afraid of work and a lot of workouts. And we want to transfer this spirit to you.

Our Mission

To populate the powerlifting (and the sport at all) for a better society.

Why Online Coachig?

The most convenient way of achieving results, used worldwide, combining flexability and tracability


Тraining and nutrition tailored to your needs and preferences.

Weekly Update

Planning week by week – no prescribed plans for 8-12-16 week in advance.


Taking care of many parameters for improving your performance.


Our goal is to answer as soon as possible and to provide feedback quickly (in terms of up to 24h)


Online coaching provides you the possibility to train when and wherever it is convenient to you.

Affordable and Good Quality

You receive all the attention compared to group classes and it is on good price.

Powerlifting and more 🙂

We are helping people to achieve their fitness goals – to get in their dream form, to build better condition, to improve their habits and better quality of life.

Testimonials and feedback

Few stories from our customers
Atanas R.
    Atanas R.

    For 6 months work with Emil I’ve achieved results which I couldn’t do for 6 years. He has professional attitude, the programs are comprehensible and it’s easy to follow them. I dare to say that I’ve achieved all the goals set in the beginning of the coaching and I did even more. During this period, Emo was always available and was answering all of my questions. To each person, who wants to improve the physical level, I strongly recommend!

    Alexandra G.
      Alexandra G.

      Director of an IT company

      I am satisfied with the results and the coaching process. I’m glad I’ve met a person who opened my eyes. Asya is extremely kind and devoted to her interests. She managed to refute my claims and endured all my hesitations.

      Moni N.
        Moni N.


        I wanted to do strength trainings which would bring me joy. I’m really happy of my choice, because I’ve found what I needed in Asya and Emil. The progress doesn’t stop and the motivation is getting bigger, thanks to trainers that make the process extremely pleasant.

        Dani M.
          Dani M.


          I’ve never performed a program “blindly”, everything was explained and reasoned, so that I was fully aware of why the selection is and arrangement of the exercises were the way they were. Feedback was always on time and in most cases during training.

          And you, do you dare? 🙂